Sunday, April 24, 2011


"whos there, knocking at my window? The Owl and the Dead Boy. This niight whispers my name. All the dying children..."

"You're time has come. once and for all. You've met your match... you will fall..."

"I'm in control, I Am Your Pain... after this you won't be teh same..."

"Now the dark beigns to rise. Save your breath, its far from ove.r Leave the lost and dead behind... now's your chance to run for cover..."

"...terrified of what's inside, to save his life, he crawls like a worm from a bird.."

"....You're been infected by a socail disease... well then take your medicine!!"

"We can be like THAY ARE. Come on, baby, dont fear the Reaper..."

"....let the bodies hit the floor.. let the bodies hit the floro.... let the bodies hit the floor..."

Of all the nights for my ipod to choose to hate me... it had to be tonight.

godfuck what time is it even? 3? 4? I can't read the stiipid fucking numbers anymore.... hell,. I can barely read THIS. The only reason I'm posting at all is because I need... I need talk, and there's no one else. I've tried since 12:30-something to get ahold of Valerie... sent her an email and shit like that.... I even phoned her... but nothing. I don't want to get offline just in case she suddenly shows up, but wha's even the odds of that at this time of night? Neh i'm just avoiding the truth. The truth being that I'm fuckeda nd it's my fault. Yeah, I can own it. I just... I want to talk to Val. I can own this. I can own this mess. its mine. i made it... but I wanna talk to Val first. I haven't spoken to her in... a week... maybe more?

I need... to say "sorry" I guess.

Yah, cause thats gonna make it all fucking right, eh?

I should have listened. Fuckingshit hole I shOULD HAVE FUCKING LISTENED!!!!!1 i trust her with my life, but not apparently enough to stay away from soemthing that she TOLD ME to stay away from. yah, laugh if you want. I don't give a flying shit.

He's real.

son of a bitch, you.. you people.... you peaople from nowhereville... reading thsi or not reading this I don't even fucking care... you people have no idea how heavy those words feel. it's like the final; chop on the base of a tree that'll bring the hole goddamn thing crashing down to the ground. the final crack in a damn before the flood comes....


Just...... FUCK>

ad you konow something? i laughed. I saw Him and... and I just started laughing. I coudn't control it, i just... i couldn't control it. scared the shit out of me. i was shakingt - staring bakc at HIm like a fucking deer caught in the headlights. He just stared back at me - THAT FUCKING TILT THIGN!!!! godafuckit why is that so fucking CREPEY from Him1!?!? it just maed me laugh harder though... why was i even laughing at all?? what? am I the Comedien now??? "it's all one big joke" right? Fuck that, I'm not dying open scene... i mean, i'll die eventually. That always comes with this guy,r ight? but not yet. not really for that YET okay, Slendy? just back off... back off...

My stomach is still sore. even when i got bac to the house... i sitll couldn't stop. I went up to my room and laughed into the fucking pillows so not one else would hear me.they were all in bed by that poiint - still are. i didnt... i didn't even realize the nosebleed until later.. after the fitr had finally stopped and I could breathe again.

...i hope His "presence " or whatever tne hell doens';t hit me this ahrd everytime he comes to do his creeper thing... my head is still light and the glow of the computer is only making it worse..

I need sleep...

hun... where the hells are you?

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