Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Officially Official...

...I've been reading too many Slendy stories.

An impossible concept, to be sure, but, hey, I've done the impossible before!

For example: I've actually gone to church... once.

...Really, I'm surprised I didn't spontaneously combust upon entry.

Now THAT should have been impossible!

What I'm actually referring to through all those idiotic blabbering is.... I thought I saw Him this evening~

Yeah, no worries, I'm laughing too~

I guess this is what happens when an overactive imagination and an unstable mindset dives head-first into a pool of mind-warping paranoia. Top it all off with my usual work schedule and a nice side-dressing of stress... et voila~ Slender Man, for your viewing pleasure~

Really, I thought He would be taller~

I guess I might as well tell you about my THRILLING encounter with He That Is. As my readers-that-don't-exist-cause-no-one-is-reading-this-and-I-rather-like-it-that-way-because-it's-very-freeing-to-write-in-here-but-still-not-as-girly-as-some-fucking-diary, I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats with anticipation~

As I've mentioned before, my house is more or less surrounded by trees. There's a bush to the North, a bush to the South, a whole shitload of treelines that run along separating one field from another and acting as wind-breaks, and a healthy scattering of trees in the horse and cow paddocks. My horses - all five of them - take up residence at the Back Barn, while the cows obviously get the Front Barn. Very original names, neh? Anyway, the Back Barn is a good two thousand feet back from the house. Nice and isolated and a BITCH of a walk in the winter.

As per the norm, I do chores at night around 8:30pm... ish. They take about an hour to do, sometimes longer. Tonight I went back as I always do with our two dogs accompanying me, only tonight the trek was put to the soundtrack of the frogs in the pond screaming their little heads off in hopes of getting a mate - spring is HERE! FINALLY!

Anyway, I get to the Back Barn - an old hip-roof barn that was built a good hundred years ago - and start doing the chores as per normal. I turned on the lights, put down milk and food for the cats, mixed the grain for the horses, maneuvered around the dogs as they stalked the cats, brought the horses in, started giving out hay for the night... and that's when ALL the horses suddenly started acting nervous all at once. The whole lot of them started circling their stalls, snorting, and nickering a bit to each other. The dogs started growling and went to the door of the barn, hackles up.

Figuring something was outside, I grabbed my flashlight and went out. It was quiet now pardoning the dogs and horses, so I guess the frogs had decided to shut up. We have a spotlight at the front door, so I walked out to the edge of what was lighted and shone my little light around the surrounding fields. I was thinking I'd see a coyote pack or something like that - they don't bother the horses, but they can spook them and the dogs do get territorial. In any case, it's still good to know when they start getting up close.

In any case, I passed my light around... then, like a slap to the senses, the beam went across an unmistakable shape far out in the horse field. I immediately shot my flashlight back to that spot, of course, but my little hallucination had passed. He was gone.

It had only taken that split second and my heart was pounding so hard in my ribcage I thought I might have a heart attack there and then. I laughed at myself at that point, then went back into the barn and finished up the rest of the chores. I just got back from my little experience and decided to share my idiocy with my non-existent audience~

Heh. I swear, I must have done quite a number on my head to cook this one up. I freely admit to being insane, but this is the first time I've hallucinated something. Maybe I do need therapy... where's my bubble wrap...?

In any case, I'm taking a few days break of the Slenderverse. I've OBVIOUSLY been obsessing a tad too much.. which, really, just makes the whole thing even more hilarious~ Maybe I'll post a rant in a few days. No idea~

In other news... there is no other news~

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