Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I saw my very first Operator Symbol yesterday on my way home from work... so, on my way to work this morning, I grabbed my camera to take a picture of it.

Cause I have no shame in being a dork.

As long as we specify it to "Insane, possibly-homicidal dork."

It was enough to get a double-take out of me~

And anyone who questions my Canadian nationality because of the Union Jack in the background will get a deserved boot up their ass. No one questions my loyalty to Tim Hortons! NOBODY!!! ......Then again, call it an American flag and I may just have to cut out your tongue... and then shoot you... and then shoot your tongue~ We burnt down their White House the last time they tried to invade us. We have POWER in RANDOMNESS! ...Nowadays, that would be considered a terrorist act, wouldn't it~?

And there you have it: Canadians are terrorists.

Lets get that on Wikipedia - majority opinion rules all!!!

Really though... I think this is really cool~ Presumably, whoever drew this can't draw circles, so they improvised. I can relate. I'm horrible at drawing circles... always lands up as a demented egg... I hate demented eggs...

...You really have no idea how badly I want to write "Sees me" on this sign. Just to fuck with people's heads~

Especially the general public.

Because this sign so happens to be right smack-dab in the middle of our quaint, little village.

And now I really can't help but wonder... if there is anyone else who sees this and appreciates it for the symbol of death and insanity that it truly has become... stupid stop signs. Why should I have to stop, dammit?! I'm running late most of the time, for crying out loud! ...Well, techniquely it's a sign to warn that a stop sign is coming up but whatever. All amounts to the same damn thing.

As for the 'x'... I don't know. Probably just some graffiti artist with no imagination once or ever.

In the Slenderverse though... there is plenty of debate about what the Operator Symbol is actually capable of. My view is simple: it is viewed as powerful by the entire community - that gives it strength - but it is the mind of each and every single player that programs that strength for themselves when they are around it. Basically, if you believe 100% it summons He That Is, then it'll summon Him, and, on the flip side - if you believe 100% it repels Him/ hides you... then it will repel Him/ hide you. Why is this? That is also simple. Symbols are something easy to focus on - hence why companies use logos - and can be influenced by the human mind. Think of it like an optical illusion. One person sees one thing, while someone else sees something else entirely. Both are right, but for themselves - not the other person. On the third side of the equation though, if you can think of the Operator Symbol as working both ways... then it will probably do nothing at all.

And with that... I think I just made a White Elephant.


Robert is a moron.

Redlight is AWESOME~! His mind is just... wow. It facinates me.
So, in conclusion... what do you see the Operator Symbol as?

The eye that will hunt you?

...Or the shallow hope to hide you?


......Hate me yet~?

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