Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Third times the charm...

04/09/11 - I admit. It took a while before I got used to dreaming again. Having nightmares. Being put through His Maze. It freaked me out back then. I'm glad I don't wake into that pain anymore. 

So... yes, I got a little pissed off last night. That tends to happen when people don't leave me alone - I guess supernatural deities of creeperness fall into that category as well.

I would lie... but I think that goes against what the idea of this blog thing is supposed to be. I know of two people who are probably going to jump down my throat, but I need to use that other word... what's it called? Politicians never use it... ah! "Honesty"! That's the one.

So, in all honesty... I went outside to see Him last night. If there's one thing that's been consistent through all the blogs, it's that He That Is works very slow. He wasn't going to kill me. At worse, He would have tried to scare me shitless, because, as we all know, He tends to like to play with his food first. So, after I sort of... snapped at Sage (sorry about that...), I watched Him a while longer before heading outside. I brought my machete with me, even though I knew it would be useless. Still made me feel a bit more secure in my footing. Even if it wouldn't hurt Him, I don't think there was a point in going out COMPLETELY defenseless.

It was for nothing though. By the time I got outside, He was gone. my head had felt like it was splitting in two. I could barely goddamn see. After that... nothing.

I went to bed shortly after that. I woke up in my bed that morning with no memory of going back into the house. I was just... there.

Last night... I had the first dream I've had in over a year. I don't recall a hell of a lot... probably because I so rarely have them anymore. The details just slipped away.

Also, had a slight panic attack this morning. The pendant that I never take off was gone. Literally just... gone. It's not like it could just slid off - it's on too tightly.

I tore the house apart looking for it.

Then I found it.

Drapped over the arm of my stuffed bear, Zeddy.


He has a sense of humor.

Nice to know.

He must have taken it during the time I lost. I don't know why He would bother with it. I'm still sorting that out.


  1. -_- Christ, Michelle, no need to go tempting fate!

    THAT pendant? I... wow. God, I don't want to THINK about It being that close...

    But seriously, you are smart. Don't do stupid things. Please.

  2. It wasn't pointless. I actually had an idea. I need to get near enough to Him to see if I'm right.

    I think it was His way of saying what you just said. I'm starting to wonder if I somehow pulled it off when I was changing. Personally, I prefer THAT scenario.

  3. All is forgiven.

    I strongly suggest you get a cowboy hat and matching Serape. Fits a fun motif, and gives you a superior totem to fall back on. The Gunslinger will always ride. =D

    or something like that. Be careful.

  4. So kind~

    Heheh~ I actually DO have a black felt cowboy hat. It looks pretty damn good on me, if I do say so myself~ I'm not much for the poncho-look though XD

    You too.