Thursday, April 21, 2011

Okay, you know what?

This isn't fucking funny.

It's not even a BIT funny.

I swear to fucking Lucifer himself that I'll rip out your guts with my bare hands, you son of a bitch. Yeah, I have long nails at the moment (all the better to tear you apart with, my dear). Really, 'claws' is probably a better description of them - they are pretty damn strong.

Just like me.

You don't have a fucking clue who you're trying to corner, buddy.

You think I'm all talk? Hm? That's funny, cause I think you're all smoke and mirrors.

Yeah, I know it's one of you. One of you fucking twats on the internet who somehow decided it would be fun to turn stalker-shit on me. You read my blog, and you choose ME, of all people?! I don't even have a word for that level of stupidity. I don't know how the HELL you got my info, but you'll regret it. Oh, sweet oblivion, you WILL. REGRET. IT. The plea "self defence" opens up a whole SHIT LOAD of possibilities for what I could do to you... and that's only IF I allow someone to find your body. Which, of course, they won't. After I'm good and ready, I'll dump your still-living mound of tattered flesh into the lagoon around the manure pile. Your very last seconds of life will be that of cow urine and liquid shit filling your mouth, throat, and lungs as you sink straight to the bottom. Sound good to you? I know it sounds FUCKING BRILLIANT to me!

What do you say, asshole? Wanna play~? I'm in need of a good laugh~


Yeah, peachy day, as the rest of you who may or may not be fucking reading this can plainly see. I have such a massive headache right now - I don't NEED some dickshit following me around thinking he's so fucking smart. I mean, I don't like people to begin with... and now I have to deal with this?! I LIKE MY FUCKING SOLITUDE, OKAY?! I like being left alone. I like being invisible. And you know what this prick is "saying" to me each time I see him by doing what he's doing?

"I see you."

I hate it. I don't WANT to be fucking seen, or noticed, or anything. Being noticed means having to deal with more attention, and more attention means more people.




More people just mean more headaches. Then that's not even to mention the fact that some internet creeper now has my actual address somehow. Yeah. Not happy about that even a little bit. My internet obsessions and my real life are NOT SUPPOSED TO MIX. Like I said before: real face vs public face. And I know the little shitter is from here, because this is the ONLY FUCKING PLACE ANYONE KNOWS I KNOW ABOUT SLENDER MAN.

No one has ever commented on here, but, really, that doesn't mean shit-all. I don't comment on other blogs, after all, but it doesn't mean I'm not keeping track.

Whoever this is, they're in for a whirlwind of pain. No, I'm not kidding. If you're reading this, you've read the other entries so DON'T QUESTION MY FUCKING LIMITS, ALRIGHT?! I know I made a promise... but I think Val would want me to tear this fool a new one~ It's not like I can actually tell her though. THAT would go over wonderfully.

"OMG! Did you get a look at him enough to ID him? What does he look like?"

"Neh. He wears a black suit all the time and I can never make out his face! Oh, and this has nothing to do with that Slender Man guy I promised I wouldn't look into, by the way~ ^^"

I'm being followed by a fucking cosplayer.

No, I'm serious.

A fucking COSPLAYER.

I thought this sort of shit only happened to the major nerds at the Anime Conventions? Trust me to hook and line a complete wackjob even from a simple blog. I mean, this must take talent. I should get an award - THAT'S what should fucking happen after all is said and done!

So, yeah, I'm guessing it was this fucker all along I've been seeing. Yes, yes, I'm fully aware that I've only posted two sightings but, you know what? My life is not run by this blog. I only posted the stuff that I thought was actually amusing... and I still think that last one was a statue. All in all, I've probably seen this dork... fuck... uh... there was the first time at the back barn, then I saw him standing by our bush along the side of the road, then I saw him way off between two houses outside of where I work...

Oh, for the love of crap... I just realized he knows where I work too. If he makes an issue for my boss, I'll strangle him with one of the $90 belts that I priced and stocked today. It would be a far classier way of dying than the prick deserves.

Okay, mental derailments aside, I think I've seen him three times now. Could be more, but three times that I remember taking note of. Four times if we're counting the church.

I'm really getting pissed off with this little game.

I think it's time I played some of MINE.

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