Friday, April 1, 2011

Guess what?

30/08/11 - April Fools... in more ways than one.

I'm the Pope~


No, actually, that's not funny. I'm completely lying. Everyone knows the Pope is Darth Sidious.

In all actuality...

...I'm simply standing outside your window.


...I really like the carpet, btw. Oh, no, wait, that's just the skin left over from your dog... *frowns* ...maybe it was your uncle? Either which way, it was bald and hairy at the same time and I decorated the tree outside with its entrails~ Least you have a lovely rug to remember him by! ...It was a her? Damn. Genetic fuckery is a fucker.

April Fools day is indeed an amusing holiday-but-not-really-a-holiday~ I just use it as an excuse to not make a lick to sense.

...Which really doesn't differ it from any other day, but I dontta carra~

So! Speaking of not making any sense... who the fucking HELL has a headache for almost THREE FUCKING DAYS IN A ROW??? Yes, that poor soul would be me. Somewhere, somehow... I think I must have made the Michael Jackson fanbase cry. They are, after all, the only ones capable of attacking me like this. THEIR POWER IS UNQUESTIONABLE! Unlike MJ's home planet~ (bud-da-bum!)

That's right - ET never really went home, people~

And he was still touching little boys up until the very end!

Such a trooper~

IN OTHER NEWS. Slenderman was nearly KOed by my apparent short attention-span~ I watched all of Marble Hornets like I said I was going to in my last post... whenever the hell that was. I have to say, the paranoia is a neat kick to the senses~ Certainly helps that my house is practically surrounded by trees~ The guy they got to play Mr. Tall, Dark and Faceless did a REALLY good job. He kinda walks like a reaper, don't you think? ...Not that I have ever met the Reaper... that would be cool... sadly it's just myself, Lucifer, Satan, and Keyser Soze who get together every Sunday for tea and biscuits. This is a shout-out to you, Reap! Come and join the Dooms Day Council~ If nothing else, it's fun watching Soze try to set Satan on fire~ Plus we watch Invader Zim! Now you can't possibly say 'no'~

Anyway, so, yes: Slenderman in Marble Hornets was good. Masky (it's Jim Carrey!) was good. The storyline was... bleh. Dull. Repetitive. It didn't really... I don't know. It's still going for an episode in the far away future that ties at the loose ends together, I guess. In the meantime: SHOW MORE SLENDY ACTION DAMMIT.

I almost stopped there - figuring Val was right that I wouldn't be that interested - but then... THEN I found EverymanHybrid~ Oh ho, now THAT is wicked! Starting off as a parody only to throw yourself in as "real"?! Epic~ Just... epic~ I was hooked from episode one, when you KNEW it was a spoof and it just got better with each upload. THE BASEMENT. That shadow moving in the background in the basement?! Whoever thought of that shot was a genius~ And Evan looked so confused too... I like Evan. He's nuts~ The only thing I have against Hybrid is that their Slenderman isn't as convincing as Marble's. They still get some kickass shots though. Like when they were looking around that old school or whatever it was? Hehe, me liked~

While I'm waiting for the next release in one of those, I do have TwelveTribes on standby. I tried watching a bit of it... but it really makes me want to bash my head into a concrete wall until my brain matter has the consistency of pudding. I've sort of put it off...

Cause I've been on a blog-binge~ Unfortunately I can't really 'watch' any of the blogs using Blogger because if Val checks my profile (told her to stay off my blog, doesn't mean she won't check up on my profile in case she's not as trusting in me as I think she is), I'm further off dead~ So, I have them all faved on my computer instead. There are a shitload of them out there - I still have a hard time believing the vastness of the community. There have been SOOOOOO many times so far that I've been dying to leave a comment - to take a stab at a riddle or a question or just yell at some idiot who is bashing someone I actually like... but, again, I value this staying my dirty little secret~ And so I shall be as a fly on the wall~ Blending perfectly into ever fiber.... oh, wait, that's a cameleon...

"My blender's broken!"

...and I'm still amused by MorningStar to no end. His April Fools post made me laugh - AND HE'S AN INVADER ZIM FAN. I don't think it's possible for me to like a comic relief villain anymore than I like Star right now~ Well, he could stop threatening my best friend, of course... but Val can handle his antics. She handles mine and, from what I've seen, MorningStar is still a few levels below me in Insane Epicness. Plus she has that Sage guy. I should read his blog sometime too...


I'm not... exactly what you would call 'proud' of going behind one of my best friend's backs. I still don't really understand WHY it's such a big deal for her but... I don't know. I guess it's too late to say I don't want to hurt her, hm? I know nothing stays buried forever. Eventually something will slip and she'll find out and I'll feel like a piece of garbage... but we'll get through that~

In the meantime, I have officially wasted too much time updating this when I could be continuing "A Hint of Serendipity"~


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