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04/09/11 - An old theory when I thought it was still just a joke.

Heheh~ I never would have thought that my obsession with the Slender Man would bring me in a U-turn right back to an life-long obsession and, overall, my favorite historical time period....

Ancient Egypt~

Slender Man could have had His beginnings in EGYPT~

In case you can't tell... I would find that fan-freaking-tastic~! The culture of Ancient Egypt has always been an obsession of mine long before I even knew what the word "obsession" meant! Unfortunately, when Egypt was conquered by Rome *insertcolourfulswearinghere* a lot of the traditions and ways of the people were lost. It's a damn shame if you ask me. I get sort of... irrationally pissy on the subject. Despite "Gladiator" being one of my all-time favorite movies, I actually have a near-hate-like-vibe towards Rome for crippling Egypt and twisting the culture. Neither Upper or Lower Egypt were the same after that defeat. We lost so much history isn't not even funny.

Still, least it wasn't totally lost. Not like the Horse Whisperers in central Asia, I believe it was. All we know about them is that they had a spiritual connection to horses the likes of which the Gods themselves would have envied. They trained their animals so well, Rome gave them a choice. Either train horses for their army or die. They chose to die. They were dragged to death behind their own horses.

Yep. I get FUCKING PISSED when I think about shit like that. Some fucking high and mighty shitface thinking they can shove their weight around against the Little Guy. People like that deserve to get BEAT. DOWN.

Back to Egypt though. We really are fortunate, in a certain way that enough of the culture survived that we can pick and poke at it enough to figure out a thing of two. Like the Rosetta Stone. We were SOOOO lucky to have found that thing - otherwise we would be completely lost trying to decipher hieroglyphics today. With it, at least we have a hint of a chance in breaking the whole code one day. Just one symbol at a time...

Okay, so, Ava's last post. She pulled a plot twist out of her hat and I have to say that it's intriguing~ The more I think on it, the city of Herakleopolis, Egypt, sounds correct. It was, indeed, a city that was briefly made the capital of Lower Egypt during the First Intermediate Period which, to be frank, is a mess of a time period that no one can seemingly agree on what actually happened. It's ruling God was Heryshef who was also referred to as the "Bone Breaker" in the Hall of Judgement before the Gods and was associated with blood-driven rituals. He was actually worshipped at a few other cities too, but Herakleopolis was his center bed and hosted the temple built in his honor. Ava seems to have all her 't's crossed and her 'i's dotted~

One thing does bother me about this though... Hershef's name has always been drawn as:

But Ava (and I'm guessing Zeke too?) insists it is this:

It bugs me. 

Can anyone explain how she came up with this? Besides, you know, Zeke "finding" it in the Red Building.... and, for the record, he is now a MAJOR badass man of awesomeness~ He gets to join Redlight, Zero, and Maduin as my favorite bloggers/ whatever the Hell you want to call them~

Still, both Zeke and Ava now seem to accept Ancient Egypt as Slim Jim's heritage... which means that the majority of the community except those that still listen to Robert's dribbling will accept it (until he accepts it and then everyone will be just peachy~). Three cheers for sheep-mentality, neh~? Personally, I'm half-way convinced because I love Egypt and the concept of this beginning thousands of years ago is brilliant to me~

But there is one other thing that has me grinning.

See, when Egypt was first mentioned, I was more than a little doubtful. Slender Man has always (or "always" in terms of what is accepted as "reality" on the internet) been associated with trees. Runners and Fighters alike FEAR trees. They go out of their way to AVOID them... except M, of course, who apparently thought it a wonderful idea to become some manner of tree hugger and hasn't been heard of since, but I digress. Needless to say though... Egypt... is quite obviously lacking in trees. They do have them, but nothing like what our Man In Black is typically seen around.

Then the city "Herakleopolis" was mentioned.

And it clicked~

It wasn't a bunch of trees.

It was the Tree.

See, Ava didn't mention it in her post, but I already know. Herakleopolis, as a Nome, had a sacred Tree in the temple of Heryshef~ It was commonly referred to as the Southern Neret-Tree (or "neret khenet"). It's hard to say what kind of tree it was because it was more likely than not an import, but it did play a strong point in the rituals performed there in conjunction to the ram-headed God.

Read 20. UE. As in NOW.

If Hershef really is Slender Man... could this be the point of cross-over?

In what we know of Hershef, he was a God that the Egyptians held in connection with a nearby lake - NOT a forest.


According to Ava's blog, she's already tested the effects of water on the gunk coughed up by a proxy. The results were violent, but not destructive. Go read her blog if you want more info, because they are HER findings, not mine~ If you can't keep up with the class, just shut up until you can. Long story short: It doesn't like water.

Since Heryshef was worshipped all the way back into the first dynasty in Egypt, we'd have to assume that he was there already and that the Tree was brought to Him and started getting worshipped in relation to Him. A bond was formed. Heryshef now had a second connection... one which, if it is Slender Man, He has grown rather fond of~ Maybe... even to the point where he lost his connection to water?

Though it's all very interesting, I really don't get what the point is of taking the storyline down this road. In reality, there isn't much that can be learned from what's left. Lest we forget, a hell of a lot of the culture, customs, and artifacts of Ancient Egypt were either lost or destroyed as time wore on. Getting conquered didn't help *flips the Romans the bird* But, to be fair, I'd also have to send the Egyptians themselves a glare. Some of these people would have schooled modern politicians any day of the week when it came to being able to hold a grudge. It's actually a rather common thing to hear that one person would go to insane extremes in order to erase all proof of another's existence one stone chip at a time. After all, their belief was that if your soul couldn't recognize its face, then you wouldn't be able to remember your name. Without a name, a soul is not permitted to move into the afterlife for you must introduce yourself to the Gods when you were being Judged. It's only polite, after all~ If you erased someone, then that soul...........


...Could Slender Man be a trapped soul? Someone who was erased? SOMEONE WITHOUT A FACE OR A NAME??? Holy crap, that is.... that's possible... what if that was His beginning? What if He started off as a Pharaoh... or even a Priest? Souls live forever and belief creates reality, so if His soul got trapped because someone tried to erase Him... He wouldn't be able to get around it. Then the stories would start. People start twisting what happened to suit the purpose and turn Him into something... unnatural. An abomination. A demon. Eventually, the stories and thoughts collect together, compound, and He becomes mutated by it. He becomes what the world believes He is.

The first thoughtform.

Of course. OF FUCKING COURSE. There is NOTHING on the planet or off it that can be created from nothing! Everything is equal exchange - tit for tat, dit for dat! This is no different! Shit, I always believed that thoughtforms were possible through collective thoughts, but I honestly never liked the idea of making a living/immortal something out of next to nothing. Now I get it. I finally GET it!

One doesn't just create a thoughtform...

You morph one.


  1. Hah! Reading through your archives, just wanted to take a moment to say that your feelings on Egypt, and Rome, are exactly the same as my own. I wanted to be an Egyptologist when I was a kid. And I hate Rome, stupid Romans... not even Romans actually but Etruscans who decided they liked the idea of Rome adopted their ways, and then swiped all the history and mythology of the Greeks and then went in and beat up Egypt and then... converted to Christianity and REALLY went to town crushing everyone's ability to have an informed opinion on historical and religious continuity. Grrrr Arrrg

  2. @Cal: Well said.

    @Mystery: Ah, yes, I went through that phase as well. Egypt has/had a lot to offer - I've always been drawn to it. It seems that we have much in common~