Sunday, April 1, 2012

Messenger's Report

I’m here to announce the death of Michelle “Mitch” Lapierre, who died March 25.

The morning of her death, she met with Spencer Fitzgerald, as the two had previously arranged.  Spencer brought some herbs that were allegedly for healing her arm but were maybe just some homeopathic bullshit or a complete lie.  Who knows?  During this time, Mitch’s friend Valerie “Hakurei Ryuu” Simmons was left at Andrew “The Amadaun” Svetski’s house at this point.

At some point in their meeting, Spencer and Mitch were confronted by a squad of three men under “Moriarty,” a man determined to eliminate all proxies—which, while the two were fighting against any influence, they technically were.  Apparently, Mitch attempted to contact Hakurei Ryuu and The Amadaun at this point, asking for help.  The Amadaun, not realizing that this was not, in fact, a roleplaying exercise, “saved” Spencer and Mitch.*

After unsuccessfully attempting to shake them men off, they split up. Continuing to find themselves assaulted by Moriarty’s kill squads. Both Mitch and Spencer held their own (and judging by the trail of corpses, Spencer held his own quite well), though Mitch apparently sustained some heavy injuries.

According to some eyewitnesses (currently regrettably deceased), when the two reconvened, The Boss himself showed up.  The Slender Man.  It was at this point that Spencer fled, leaving Mitch behind.

Mitch appeared to approach The Slender Man of her own free will, and the aforementioned eyewitness accounts provided additional earwitness accounts.  “The countdown finally reached midnight, then?” she allegedly asked The Boss.  As he swelled into that swirling mass he sometimes becomes, she continued approaching.  Again, she allegedly spoke her final words as the mass of tendrils surrounded her: “We’ve been waiting for this a long time, haven’t we, Father?”

The squad following her fled at this point as she started screaming.  Later examinations of the area report that her body was found torn apart and impaled on a tree branch.  Though barely recognizable, we did manage to get an ID on it and confirm it.

Blog’s over folks.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-

*i.e., left them to die