Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Okay this CANNOT be good...

My horse... kicked Him.

Yeah, I really wish I was joking cause then I wouldn't be nearly having a goddamn panic attack! Fuck, if He goes after him for this... I can't let that happen. I just CAN'T. I didn't HAVE people to rely on growing up, okay? I had my horses! That's it! They are what I connect with best, not bloody humans! And I put too much goddamn work into Bogie for Him to come and just mess it up!!!

For the love of crap, I can still hear the THUD of hooves on... whatever the hell Bogie connected with. First time I've seen His tentacle things... there were so fucking MANY of them I just... damn...

I'd gone for a trail ride with my jumper and we got cornered - simple as that. One second everything is fine, the next Bogie spooks like Hell's Bitch and bolts. I lost my stirrup and nearly fell off, but managed to move with it enough to crank my boy around before he got any closer to that damn bush and the tractor trails that lead into it. At the time, Bogie was prancing, snorting, throwing his head, stamping his feet, teeth grinding on the bit, ears flattened, backing up... it was like ticking off the check-list of a pissed off horse. As for me... I had... started laughing...

He wasn't even twenty feet away - standing as still as death itself in the field, cornering me between the ditch and the bush. The same headache that nailed me that first night slammed back into place in my skull - putting nice black spots on my vision. I heard Him again cometomecometomecometome and Bogie's freaking got worse by the second until it was all I could do but to hold on as He watched us and I didn't know what the hell and then the next thing I know He was standing right smack in front of us - His too-long arms curling around... and then I remember Bogie squealing and spinning on the spot. I remember my boy bucking with intent to break bones. I heard that THUD. Next thing I know, he's bolted and I can't hang on with the movements anymore - I fall. I remember the jar of landing, but after that the next thing I remember is remounting Bogie who is going absolutely insane in the middle of the tractor trail in our bush.... and there were dead birds and other small things fucking everywhere. The second I was in the saddle we bolted the hell out of there down the trail with trees whizzing by and  I glanced back over my shoulder once and that was more than enough.... He and those fucking tentacles....

He was mad.

At that point, I was (and still am) very happy that Bogie is a ex-racehorse. That's for damn sure. His old training of "RUN BITCH RUN" came back and we booked it back to the barn. I just hung onto his mane at that point and did my best to maneuver us around anything that got in the way. Bogie was dripping sweat and both of us ended up with cuts from... I'm not sure what, the trees I guess... but we're both okay for now. I treated his injuries straight away, i still have to go do mine...

Bogie kicked the Slender Man.

What the hell happens now?


  1. You have to be more careful from now on.
    When Slender uses his tentacles he wants you dead.
    I also suggest not sleeping close to the horse.
    Slender does not take damage without retribution.
    He will either drive the offender insane or kill them.
    And you can't drive a horse insane.
    - Indrid


    I... I don't know. I just don't freaking know.

    It... just left you alone when you reached the barn? What happened?

  3. @Zed: NO FUCKING SHIT WE'RE IN SHIT. but I'm not just stepping out of the damn way - forget it! There has to be something I can do. He hasn't come back yet - I still have TIME.

    @Hakurei: I didn't look back except that once so I don't know how long he followed but... He wasn't ANYWHERE when we got back. He STILL isn't ANYWHERE! I don't know where THE FUCK He is! I know He's not GONE but... I can't let Him go after Bogie, Val... I just CAN'T.

  4. Awww. Does the filthy animal mean that much to you?
    Poor thing. No doubt it is too stupid to know what is about to happen to it. I wonder if Father will make it suffer a bit before he kills it. OH OH maybe he will renact that one scene from The Godfather. You know with the Horse Head and the bed... Such a Good movie.

  5. Funny. I commonly think the same thing about your sorry fucking ass, Twinkle. Don't. Fuck. With. Me.

  6. Awww... But it's so much fun. I guess I could just go back to Jersey and kill your buddy Haku. Wouldn't that be fun? Losing your friend AND your worthless beast at the same time?
    Hell, I'll make it a competition with Father. The one who tortures their victim the most wins.

  7. I don't know why you find this amusing morningstar.
    Your boss was just beaten by a horse.
    It seems are previous tactics were misguided.
    All we need to do is ride around horses.
    Maybe we could employ other common farm animals in the fight as well.
    I can see it now.
    The proxies running in terror from a herd of cows.
    - Indrid

  8. @Morningstar: What's the matter? Afraid to face me head-on? Oh, but of course, I should have known.... little Twinkle - all talk, no go~ Can't handle a hand-to-hand with a farm girl. How about Bogie gives you the same greeting he gave Slender Man? He's kick your head right off your shoulders. Wouldn't THAT be fun~? I know I'd DIE laughing. At least you could have accomplished that much in your existence.

    @Zed: You... I like you.

  9. Oh Yawn. Head on is BORING. It is also too quick. That, and as I said on My Blog, I have a lot of things to do before I can bother with trash like you.
    I also doubt your beloved pet will survive long enough for me to get there. A pity. I would have liked to see you weeping and cradling it's corpse. It would have been simply adorable.

  10. Hn, you're right, actually. Better for him to aim for the ribs - it's a wonder how long someone can last even with pierced organs.

    Ducking out? Wow. You are smart. I'd have never guessed.

  11. Oh do not worry. We will see each other soon enough. Then we will see how cocky you are when you are not protected by a screen and a hundred miles.

  12. Isn't it fun to be latched onto a galloping horse? Never gets old, though it is preferred to do it under controlled conditions. When shit hits the fan and your adrenaline in sky rocketing while you're on an animal that is panicking... Not so much fun.

    Also, it depends on which organ you're talking about piercing. Different sizes, different stuff in em'. Angle of puncturing it and where you are puncturing it from matters too. Unless you want to go messy and slash some people/things up.

    I think this is the first time I am commenting on your blog. Ughs, lovely first impression. Anyways... As crazy as your situation was I am still impressed at the hit He took. Smart horse, smart instincts. I wouldn't be surprised if Bogie was going to be targeted now, though. If not before because of you, now it would be just because of the inconvenience. Sending him somewhere might do some good, though it's always a fifty/fifty chance with Slender Man. Sometimes the fellow stays focused, sometimes He wants to stab through your emotional bonds. Do you have any plans on what to do with Bogie?

  13. I grew up in the saddle, so the gallop wasn't the problem. Not even the freaking was, really. If it hadn't of been for that damn headache I could have sat it, I know but... too much, too fast...

    I don't care right now, honestly. Too tired to. Just to see Twinkle get taken out by a horse like Bogie would be worth skipping over all my ideas of torture for the asshole.

    Yes, it is. Mystery has mentioned you though. Thanks, I guess. Bogie has always been aggressive... fat load of good it's done though. I want to move him. I want to get him as far away as I can, but the timing is only going to leave getting a "favor" from a friend and... then I'm risking destroying them as well. I've infected Bogie with Him... and I'm going to have to protect him. Somehow.

  14. I officially love your horse and if SM hurts him, it'll be one more thing for me to take out of his hide one day. People (and things) that get kicked by horses a) usually deserve it, and b) should be smarter around horses in the future.

    I don't know what to say... I could suggest protections to put on the barn and on your horse himself, but if SM is that angry, I don't know that you really have time make anything. I don't want to say I'm really very sorry for your horse but he's not dead yet, and that means there's hope. If you follow any of the old gods, Poseidon/Neptune and Epona might lend him some protection if you ask and give them offerings.

  15. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/515897

    Because SOMEONE had to say it.

    Seriously? That Horse? Bogie? Give it a few extra Sugar Cubes. It now qualifies as a Wanton God of Horsehooves.

    In all seriousness though, add Rhiannon to your list of horse gods to maybe throw offerings to.

    Keep it together Mitch. Now it starts.