Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I hate kids.

That could have gone worse, I think. No, you do not get snippets of the conversation - why? Because Spikes doesn't want me to. Simple. I will tell you that I am still at her house (three cheers for not getting thrown out on my ass) and she's only called me crazy about thirty times.

Believe it or not: that is not a record.

Still not certain if she entirely believes me, but Spikes won't have a choice sooner or later. He's coming back for Hailey, that much I'm certain. I'm beginning to think that He's been doing more than visiting in "reality" though - the kid has been drawing pictures that look like they come right out of a Runner's notebook. No words, of course, but the bad drawings are dead-on. You know the kind - the ones you have to squint at and turn sideways before you go "oooooooooooooooooh.... oh.... damn."

Actually, I think Hailey's drawings are clearer than most. Ha.

She doesn't seem to be all that scared of Him. The tone of the drawings is almost like... He's a friend? An imaginary friend? Like that song on youtube that's so high-pitched it's almost meant for dogs. Is that what we all have growing up? Him? Not sure I like that thought. Good thing it's farfetched.


She just handed me a picture. Said it was her, me and "Tall Man." I, uh... did ask her where "mommy" was in this thing. She just said "Tall Man says mommy can't come. But Mishowwl can!!"

I hate kids.

I'm borrowing Spike's scanner. You guys have got to see this shit...

.................I hate kids.

Most. Colourful. Slender-Art. Ever.

YAY we're BODYLESS! Don't we look fucking happy, eh? Yeah, and Spikes doesn't believe me. Sure, sure.

At first I thought something was getting dumped on us, but I'm thinking now that they're supposed to be trees? That makes a bit of sense, right? The circles and the scribbles are... artistic flare? I don't know. I'm a bit of an artist myself (though not very good), but I've always sucked at decoding child scribbling.

"What a nice flower you got there."

"It za turtle!!!!"

"...Of course it is..."


Amber Alert is still on every channel and radio station. I've made no attempt to avoid it. They have the mum and dad talking now, pleading for some kidnapper to bring dear Becky home. The mother cries a lot. The father has an angry tone that he's obviously trying to tone down for negotiations sake. Little do they know how pointless their efforts are. Becky's not coming back. That's fact. I haven't told Tanya yet that the Slender Man was responsible for the disappearance... she'll probably figure it out eventually, anyway.
Alright, well... fuck all this. I don't care if Tanya isn't entirely on-board with the whole Slender Man idea - I'm not letting Hailey become the next Amber Alert. I'm going to contact an Old Soul I know. I was hoping to not have to do this because he's going to do nothing but bitch at me (we don't really get along - he's a friend of a friend) but... sorry, Chris - Ol' Mitch is tracking you down.


  1. Going through all your posts, I'm not sure if you're trying to sound like a badass, or twelve. You sound like every stereotypical would-be goth kid from when I went to high school.


  2. Hey Mitch can I ask where your at my friend, and I would like to meet up with you to help you out with you Luke problem. I've got a tranquilizer gun, and darts ready to be loaded with cure. One of them even has Luke's name etched into it's side. You can contact at my blog or via my email I look forward to hearing from you soon.