Monday, June 13, 2011





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  2. Oh... But your void seemed so lonely now that Hakurei has abandoned you. Besides, we are birds of a feather, you and I. You just had a habit of hiding behind a concept you do not truly understand: Morality. Dear, sweet Hakurei is such a moral person. So soft hearted, so kind, so WEAK. That is why she abandoned you. She felt she could not be associated with someone as clearly immoral as you. She felt you were evil in your decisions. A Murderer, for allowing poor Becky to die.
    Due to the fact she is a Sage, the other trash that were following you decided to follow her lead. Consider it sort of a popularity contest. And so they hate you, all of them. And so you are alone. But you do not want to be alone, do you? No. Don't worry dear child, do not worry. We are here for you.
    Father is here for you. Father would never leave you alone in the darkness like Valerie did. He loves you, just the way you are. We understand what you are going through. We do not think you are a murderer, you simply made a difficult choice. One that is obviously haunting you.
    We want to help you, Michelle. Will you let us?

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  4. waitwaitwait WHAT?

    Michelle, you can see us now? oh god, michelle, twinkle is such a fucking liar! don't believe a word he's said! god, i spend all my time worrying about you, don't you ever doubt it, michelle! you're my best friend!

    anything morningstar says is a goddamn lie, you know that.

  5. Have I ever given YOU a reason not to trust me Michelle? Do you recall all the interactions I have with fellow Chosen? I never lead my brothers and sisters astray. Father desires you to be a part of our family. You would be as a sister to me, and I would never EVER do anything to harm my family. Father does not hurt, he helps, but only those he finds worthy. Evil, judgmental individuals like Hakurei are just not worthy.
    The pain you feel is being CAUSED by Hakurei and company. Don't you realize that? It is the personality you developed to "fit" in with them. Father wants to liberate your true self, the you that you have always desired to come out! That worthless bitch Hakurei was NEVER really your friend! Can you not see the truth right in front of your eyes? ARE YOU THAT FAR GONE?

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    nevertalkabout her likethat NEVER

  7. Where is she now Michelle? I will tell you where. Having loads and loads of fun with her family and friends. You have been completely forgotten by your so called "Friend." In your time of greatest need even! Now even to a guy like me, that is just cruel.
    SHE has convinced you that you are the one who is "wrong." But she LIED. THEY ALL LIED. You may very well be the only one who is RIGHT. I am trying to SAVE you, unlike her. So push the light of the Morning Star out of your void if you wish. But it is the only light that has not been lies lies lies lies LIES. And once it is gone, nothing but DARKNESS shall remain for all eternity.


    i'm TRYING to get to you, Michelle, i AM. it won't be much longer, i promise, you just need to break through this. just hold on until i get there, please!

    you have your own light, i know you do.

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  10. im tired

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  11. Michelle...?

    oh shit...

    oh please, just hold on. just another week, maybe less. you can do it, i know you can.


    Oh... Oh... Man. Such unshakable loyalty in your friend eh? Sad. So, so sad. I guess now is as good a time as any to give you the Good News: WE KILLED HAKU-CHAN. Oh YES. That's right. She is laying with the worms where she belongs. It wasn't hard you know. She was SOOO weak without her big bad protectors there. All that brain power couldn't stop Big Red from tearing her apart. Oh how she BEGGED. I saw the whole thing. You know she was headed up to see you? WELL THAT'S HOW WE CAUGHT HER.
    We really have to thank you Sister. You and your little Void helped us off one of the Sages. We really couldn't have done it without you. Father is SO pleased. Did you know she actually mentioned you by name before she died? Oh yes, it was such a hilarious sight. Big Red does good work you know. I can tell Haku-Chan was in more pain than I could have EVER put her through.
    Man oh MAN was there a lot of blood. I bet she bled more than that stupid horse of yours did when Father butchered IT.
    But I got to hand it to you. We would never have gotten Hakurei away from her protection if you hadn't have freaked out like this. So as a reward, how about I go and end your pathetic existence myself. Let you join your Girlfriend in DEATH'S COLD EMBRACE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU EXCITED CAUSE I SURE AM.


  14. my god...

    Michelle, I know you can't see me, but I hope you can feel me. Keep the medallion close, and I'll be there as soon as I can. You're going to beat this, Michelle. You will.

  15. Didn't you say "cant-trust-my-head-whats-real-whats-not"? But don't worry Sister. I will be along soon enough and show you... THE LIGHT.

  16. Holy shit. Morningstar, you bastard.

  17. shitshitshitshit... michelle, get OUT of there!

  18. michelle, you are not forgotten. Keep steady, and don't listen to anyone you don't trust