Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's play~

Zeddy came back, the very next day~
Thought it was a goner, but it just wouldn't stay awaaaaaaaaay~

Always liked that song. Good song. Haunting. Gave me nightmares as a kid. Strange, really. I love cats and that's what the song started as right? Right. Cat surviving everything. Never stopping. Never giving in. Don't think they ever tried burning the Cat though....

Zeddy's getting burned~ The Black King brought him back. Gave him to Hailey at night. Mocking. Always mocking... but not again. Never again. I'll take Zeddy and burn him to ashes, dried blood and all~ Let him join Oblivion~ The Nothing. The void. Not this void though. That would be silly...

Nothing worked. But won't stop. Zeddy isn't the Cat. I will be. I won't stop. I'll burn Zeddy... and then the Black King will need a new game. Maybe one of mine? I can think of a few....

Knock, knock - anybody home? Let's play~


  1. That song..that song..I grew up with it around too. I don't remember sleeping as a little kid. All i can say is, seriously, kick Slender's ass. Be the one who never gives in, never gives up the fight against Him. Save the girl, and your friend if you can. I know you won't read this due to some..filter I guess they called it, but, just in case you do.

  2. STOP GOING INSANE BEFORE I GET THERE. It won't be any fun if you are too batshit to care about pain.