Friday, June 17, 2011

leftbehind again

i killed one oneoffour. the others.... theotherskilledthree threemore fourinall fourfourfourfour fouroutofthirteen NOTENOUGH not enough notevenCLOSE theytooksomuchmore they.... No, not "they" - he. Morningstar. I made him mad. very mad. madikilledone theone theonethatisawtheonethatattackedmetheonewiththeREDREDRED we were all inthehouse allofustogetherwhentheyshowedcamecametokillus id told them. told mybrothers and dad. Told them they were coming a gang wascomingcomingcomingCOMINGTOOQUICK
the blood smear camefirst dogblood onthewindowwindowshatteredglass.... everythingbecamenothingsoquicksofast yellingandshootingandscreaming then... the barn went up in flames. Hellish glow. horribleglow coatedeverythingdrownedeverythinginitslight heard the cows screaming inside. Burning. burningalive... burningaliveasmybrothersdiedtornapartrippedapart and mydaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddaddadYOUKILLEDMYDADYOUSONOFABITCH sawhimdieSAWYOUinthebarn saw you stab him stabhimagainandagainandagainandagain andthebloodwaseverywherewasonyouand youweregrinningsawyoulickyourknifeand i shot pointedandshotatyou... You're reading this, aren't you? readingreadingreadingdidyouthinkthatsallididtoo? i got ready. didntchange anything youstillcame stillkilledthemKILLEDALLOFTHEMKILLEDMYDAD  thenisaw Him too saw Him comeforyou saveyou saveyoufromtheburningsavedHissonfromtheburning camefromthesmokeandtookyoutookyouTOOKYOU.... my dad mydad wasjusttryingto save me too justtryingtosave the farm nothinglefttosavenow nothing left its all myfault allmyfault Hecamebecauseofme youcamebecauseofme couldnt protect anyone imalone likeisaidiwantedbutididntwantitlikethis

i miss them

misshaileymisstanyamisshakurei NO ITS VALERIE valerievalerievalerie when did i stop calling her valerie???

missmybrothersandmissmymumanddad imleftbehind leftbehind again behindtohurt behindtobend behindto break bendmetilibreak apart

He's outside again.

dontwant tobeleftbehind again


i'01101101 co01101101 01101001 01101110g

01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100001 01101110 01110011 01110111 01100101 01110010 00100000 01101001 01110011


  1. OH. So the old bastard was your Daddy was he? I had a fun time gutting him.

  2. @morningstar, I bet her "Daddy" had a fun time slaughtering your mooks.

    @Mitch, Make them pay for what they have done.
    Retribution will calm your mind.

  3. We had four losses. None of them by him you twit.