Sunday, October 2, 2011

Christian again... sort of

Valtiel. I hope you appreciate just how much of a pain in my ass it was to put my plans on hold just for your little "Favor." You better make good of your promise to me or you can bet there will be... repercussions. I've been MORE than understanding and cooperative, and I don't think either of us want to start another cross-border fiasco like we hear tell of a few years ago.

As for the rest of you... what can I say? It's been fun. Wish you would have played along a bit better - we could have had such a wonderful friendship! It would have been so much more amusing.

And less difficult on your fellow "Runner," Mitch.

Oh, it wasn't so much as marking her up, you see. That wasn't the point. No, I wanted her to experience what she was passing up. So, I took her along on the favor Valtiel asked of me, showed her the ropes a little. I even took the time to make a kill her own. She didn't like it one bit - fought like the raving bitch she is - but it still worked out. My minions held her as she thrashed to get away and I... let's just say... "guided" her hand. She spilt innocent blood. Blood that I then used to draw an operator symbol over her face. I suppose I COULD make that permanent but... I find that overkill. Some things are just better... mental.

There is, after all, only so much a mind can handle. Just being in our presence for this long... heh. Hahaha!

Let me put it this way... I've seen drug addicts in full-blown withdrawal look in better shape. Shall I describe what is before my eyes right now? The train wreck that is Michelle Lynn Lapierre? She has quiet the case of the shakes, if I do say so myself. Her eyes are really a beautiful shade of bloodshot red - black bags hanging low beneath them and her skin is the palest I've ever seen on her. At least she's stopped thrashing around like a fish out of water when I touch her now. I can run my fingers down her face. Stroke her hair. Put an arm around her and whisper all the things she doesn't want to hear. If I didn't know better, I'd say she had retreated inside her head... but I know that that's an even worse place for her to be. She had nowhere TO go for peace, leaving her more than aware to everything I said. I know it... because I even got her to whimper. Like a little lost puppy.

She knew it all to be true. Every word we ever told her - it's true. She'll never be trusted. Never be accepted. She IS one of us. No escaping it. No denying it. Just because the final stamp hasn't sealed the deal, does not make who she is anything but HER.

And now she's going to lead me to the "devil book." It could be this all worked out for the best. I might land up with a new minion!

You wouldn't mind getting rid of the burden, would you, Hakurei Ryuu? Sweet Valerie? My dear, how I miss you. You were such a nice girl to talk to. Our time together was certainly far too short-lived. And ended far too... abruptly, wouldn't you agree, love? How you left me was so cruel. So heartless. And has given me much inspiration for how to repay you! Maybe Michelle and I could come down to see you! Wouldn't that be nice?

If you even survive the weekend, that is.


PS - I knew I was forgetting someone. Hello, Sage. The War Without End, right? I like the titles. Very ominous. Thank you for your two cents. I can't wait for Father to spend more of His time with you. You just seem like the kind of moron He takes that SPECIAL liking to. Enjoy your Game while it lasts.

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  1. "Just one that you can use.
    One risk, but you can't lose.
    Play the victim while abusing
    Anyone you choose.

    "The painful consequence
    Of standing in your lies.
    I'm barely breathing, but
    I'm screaming out!"