Thursday, October 6, 2011

He's Back~ ...For a Little While Anyway.

Heh. Wow, I haven't had this many people on my blog since... ever. Who knew dog catchers could be so popular~?

I read every one of your comments, rest assured. Battery dying or not, I value the input... even if it's just threats on my life. Those are always good for a laugh~

Though it's unneeded right now, you see... cause I'm already laughing. Why? Well, we had a guest an hour or so ago. A very tall figure. Black suit. Astounding poker face. Sort of the strong, silent type...

I'd been on the phone with my friend at the time - the one that's looking after Valerie for me. I wanted to check-in while I had a moment of somewhat peace and see if Val had improved at all. Apparently the only reaction she's had so far was when the TV was on and music started as an introduction to a show. Valerie apparently curled into an even tighter ball than what she already was in - hands moving over her ears and murmuring something that my friend couldn't make out. Of course, the TV was immediately turned off and they tried to get Val to talk but... it was pointless. She's not responding. They're doing all they can to keep her comfortable though. For which I am grateful. I owe them big time for this.

I had just been about to ask if she'd eaten anything... when my cell suddenly cut-out with a deafening screech that jolted me into dropping it. Nearly killed my damn hearing in that ear. Luckily the fucking phone didn't break... but I didn't bother retrieving it.

I'd felt the shift.

It was in the air. A sudden pressure closed in around the room. A familiar presence. Hesperus suddenly jolted awake, eyes wide. Frantic. Glancing all around the room. Searching. Pulling at his restraints. He knew. We both knew.

Dear Daddy had arrived~

I stood still where I was, a grin growing onto my face as that familiar urge to laugh bubbled in the back of my throat. I'd love to figure out why I do that so... automatically. I can at least surpress it now when I want, but the urge is always there. A monkey on my back, yes? Anyway, I let a bit of it out as a chuckle and Hesperus whimpered weakly where he was. I glanced to him and he to I. There was almost a plea in those eyes amongst the obvious fear... but it was far too late for that.

We both looked across the room at the same time. Focused on a specific spot along the wall.

The Black King emerged.

He seemed to pull right from the shadows themselves to create His image. The room itself appeared as though it was getting darker by the second and yet... I could still see Hesperus. I could see His face. It was everything else that fell away. I couldn't tell what was suit and what was just shadow as He slowly approached. My nerves practically on fire as He walked right past me - not even sparing me a glance - and went to Hesperus' side. I watched from my spot as the maddog swapped between snarling and whimpering by the second - his entire body trembling as he thrashed in the restraints as much as he could... which, really, wasn't much at all. Terrified eyes never ONCE looked away from His face. Knowing.

I nearly felt... memorized... lulled... as I watched the scene. A pale hand that even made Hesperus' skin took tanned in comparison reached out - the mutt spitting an overflow of words that bubbled into one another to create a mess of erratic sounds amongst growls and strangled cries. Not long after... there was only screaming. I could never put into words what... well, I can't do it justice. The Black King gave back what He had taken. I could feel the change inside me... and it only made me want to laugh more~ THIS was EXACTLY what I'd hoped for. What I wanted more than anything... and Father was allowing me to have it.

He was giving me back my rival.

My personal tormentor.

The devil on my shoulder.


See, Elaine... your problem is that you always assumed that there was another option for Twinkle. I'd love to be able to release him back to you. I really would... but he's never going to "get better," Elaine. It's either Morningstar or Hesperus. Service or savage. Two options. That's it. Not to mention if he lands up killing you after I give him to you... then Spencer is STILL going to come after me with some bizarre reasoning that it's my fault somehow. So... no. Not an option. I'm sorry, Elaine. I really am. Just... try to understand. This is how it must be.

The Black King has always played us against each other - right from the beginning.

Who was it that attacked Valerie after He first messed with my mind? Who did I then immediately target in response? Who was transfered to Canada for a short spat of time? Who was the only one allowed past His filter? Who killed my dad right in front of my eyes with perfect timing? Who did He then save while the barn was burning down?

Who has He now forced me to run after? To bring back to Him?

I don't know the "Why" of it... but there is no such thing as coincidence. It's always been the Game.

And I'm going to do it as fair as possible. That's why I'm doing all this. That's why I'm giving myself this headache. I want to give him a fighting chance here. I do. I don't want to just kill him, I want to FIGHT HIM. Don't you understand? This has to mean something. It has to count as something. Hesperus counts as NOTHING. That's why I need Morningstar. It has to be Morningstar...

It... didn't take too long really. Soon enough, I watched the restrained form go limp on the bed. The silence thereafter really seemed... too extreme in comparison. Jolting, almost.

Father then turned to me... and I truly couldn't help the single step I retreated backwards. After all... I may be LIKE Them... but I'm NOT a Proxy. Not completely. I'm still a Runner. A... Runner that now stood no more than five feet from the Black King Himself. Always a fun situation, no? My insides twisted as He stepped up - pausing in front of me for a moment. Staring down. Studying me. His toy. I could... hear my heart pounding in my ears. Waiting. Waiting for Him to do something. Anything. But... He just walked right by. Disappearing the instant He was out of my view.

It's... funny, really. It didn't hurt while He was here. The... pain inside, I mean. The constant ache of doing what I do. Of resisting. Being a Runner. It hadn't hurt. First time in... months. A small reward, I guess. For... listening to Him. Heh. Heheheh~ If He thinks this is going to become a common occurrence... He has another thought coming. But of course He knows that. He couldn't not.

Father and I just have the same goal at the moment. It's convenient. Sue me.

And... there you have it. I'm pleased to be able to announce... that Hesperus is no longer among us.

Tonight, I share company with Morningstar instead.


  1. ... if anything, I'm saddened that /this/ is what He's turned you into. Heh. But what's another broken doll in this little slice of the world? Star died the minute He caught up, but you died the minute you gave Him what He wanted.

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow, between the crosses,
    row on row...

  2.'re out of your goddamn mind, Mitch.

  3. You stupid bitch. You're still stupid enough to think you don't serve him?
    I could rant about how much I hope to watch you burn for this, how much I wish I could have revenge.
    How much I hate you for undoing the /one/ thing that I actually achieved for my friend.

    But the fact is, now? No matter what I say or do? You're lost. You're serving him, no matter what you say to justify it.
    All I have to do is stand back and watch the fireworks.

    What I will say, also?
    Ryuu deserves better.

  4. ...

    Okay, I'm officially late for this little party, but better late than never.

    Mitch, Mitch, Mitch... how stupid are you? I don't care whether you think you're on their side or ours (don't matter really), but do you honestly believe... someone like YOU can take out Morningstar? Heh. Oh, you poor poor soul. You're going to find your own death in return for your service to Him.

    Thank you so VERY much. It's a relief to know we have our brother back. I've been worried.


    @Elaine ...The one thing you achieved for you "friend" was reducing him to the likes of a dog with rabies? Eating people while they're alive and who couldn't even speak a sentence anymore? Wow. You must be SO PROUD.