Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Game: Resume.

Elaine. Spencer.

I found your mutt.

And now I have an image burned into my mind that I would really have rather not gained. I knew Morningstar was a cannibal... but no one needs to witness it playing out. Especially when the... victim of it is still very much alive.

Can I say "I told you so"? Cause I fucking told you so. I told he couldn't run from the past. I told you to kill him while you had the chance. I fucking TOLD YOU.

Now I had to leave Valerie to clean up YOUR mess before anymore people die. She's safe though. Tiny mental break or not, I wouldn't have left her otherwise. She's with someone I trust. Which in itself is saying a hell of a lot for them, since I don't even trust myself. In any case, I didn't have a choice. The Black King won't let me forget. I have to finish the Game.

...Do you two have any idea how I found Hesperus?

I followed the blood trail. Quite literally.

Your little friend tore, sliced, and CHEWED ON a very nice arrangement of bodies to leave behind. Humans were easy enough to pin point when he targeted them, but animals like dogs, cats, and rats seemed to be on his menu as well from the looks of different.. carcasses I found around. Like a morbid breadcrumb trail. Combine that with... well, a link provided by... He That Is which ties one member of the family to another, and I barely had to TRY to track him down. All I had to do was walk. I was... influenced the rest of the way, whether that be by blood smears or Him. After all, this... was His will. I was just going along with it, for once. I Obeyed. Like a good little puppet. A pull in this direction, a push into that one... and I soon found myself weaving in and out through the back alleys of buildings. I don't know how long it was I walked for, but eventually I realized I could hear "voices" ahead of me. One was pleading, agonized wails. The other... was growling.

I approached slowly. A familiar voice in the back of my head begged me to burst into a sprint - to save the damned person - but it was just a fleeting thought. Easily dismissed. This was a Corner and Capture mission. Not a rescue, per se. I couldn't risk spooking MY prey.

So I allowed Hesperus to keep his.

As luck damned my existence once again, the pace and stealth I used to draw near was a wasted effort. I soon had the wild, blood-soaked figure that is Hesperus jerk his head toward me - still chewing. He snarled at me as I kept coming closer - a clear warning - but stayed down, straddling his lunch which chose then to have some faint hope of rescue spark into their thoughts. The girl cried out of me. Begged for help. anyone's help. She couldn't have been more than sixteen. Even from where I now stood a bit away, I could tell it would be pointless. Bones penitrated the skin on all four of her limbs. The pool of blood on the ground suggested she'd been that way for long enough. So did her slurred speech and white skin. For whatever reason, Hesperus had wanted this one alive to dine on. I wasn't about to ask why.

The one thing that I can be thankful for though was Hesperus himself getting irritated with his prey's cries. At first he snarled at her, but when she kept crying he didn't give her another chance. He whipped down and tore out her throat with his teeth. The... choking sounds thereafter are something that's been repeating in my head ever since.

Heh. Can you imagine? I didn't think twice. Didn't even think fucking twice. I knew what I was there for... and it wasn't to save the already-dead or kill Hesperus. I needed the twit alive. I already had a taser in my left hand and my bone-handled knife in my right. I don't remember pulling them out. I blinked once and I was aiming the taser - kicking dirt at the two to get the limited attention-span of Hesperus to turn back to me. He did with teeth bared, barking at me with a string of words that I only caught one of: Devil.

I smirked as Hesperus rose to his feet, body hunched over. Blood soaked into torn and dirty clothes. In his tangle of hair. Running down his chin. He twitched a bit. Yelling at me with no sense to make a sentence...

Thinking now, I can remember how one of our very first discussions on his blog... was putting down rabid dogs. There truly are no coincidences.

But then, as though sensing my... ill-intent for him... Hesperus turned and ran.

I immediately took chase - jumping over the now-corpse in the process as Hesperus ran down the back alleys. The asshole is fast, I'll give him that. But I've gotten pretty good at running myself. I kept up with him. Every turn he took. Just waiting for my chance. Trusting I'd get my chance.

And then there it was.

A dead end.

He ran into it and turned to come back out... only to come face to face with me. Flight switched to Fight in an instant in bloodshot eyes - not hesitating for even a second he made as though to lunge at me. I shot him with the taser. It hit and the charge went off, crippling him down to one knee...

I didn't expect him to be ABLE to lunge. But he did. Tackled me onto my back with a sharp jar that I felt in my neck. He started trying to claw at me in a savage frenzy and I hit him across the jaw with my fist - kicking at him to get him off as I scrambled backwards in the dirt, but he stayed on top. Moving with me despite my hits back and sunk his teeth into the bridge of my neck. I had to grit my teeth to stop from making a sound as I punched him in the gut as hard as I could. When his bite released, I grabbed his head and cracked it against the wall beside us. At that point I rolled away from him - picking up the taser and thanking my luck that the pins had held on him even during the scuffle.

I shocked him again.

Then a third time.

After that, he FINALLY went still.

I restrained him and carried him on my shoulders out of the alleys and into the waiting car. We're in a motel currently. One of those cheap ones where someone can scream bloody murder and the maids just come in the next day to flip the blood-stained mattress upside down. Hesperus is still out-cold. Tied to the bed so he can't Run when Father shows up. And He will come. Just have to wait.

After all, I want to kill Morningstar. Not Hesperus. I want my revenge as it SHOULD be.

Either I'll get him back... or I'll have a nice show watching the Black King tear Hesperus to pieces.

Make your bet while you can.


  1. Nnononononono.

    Fuckit, Mitch, this is what he wants, you said it yourself. This is his punishment for leaving, this is what slendershit did to him to try to make him fail, to destroy him. Please, please don't do this, I beg you.
    Tell me where you are and I'll come find him, I'll retrieve him and keep him restrained as long as I have to, please don't do this, please.

  2. ... AHAHAHA, LOOK AT YOU! This is honestly hilarious. I was reading, and reading, and reading, and after this bitchfest, do you know who you reminded me of?

    I doubt I can stop you; I'll offer, of course; wouldn't take more than a minute for me to retrieve him, but there's usually no reasoning with a psychopathic murderer;

    Wasn't Valtiel mentioning how they already have candidates in mind?

    You're no better than them. Than Him. You're worse. Absolutely disgusting. And the kid?


    Let's put it this way, Mitch. Friend of Ryuu's or not, murder him in cold blood and there's a number three spot on my list waiting for you.

    Don't test me.

  3. Oh my fucking gods would ALL OF YOU JUST STOP MURDERING PEOPLE!?

    You are all seriously close to jumping off a very slippery slope. So what, you're gonna murder Star and become just like him? And Spencer, you're gonna murder her and become just like her?

    WE HAVE FUCKING COURTROOMS FOR A FUCKING REASON, HOLY SHIT. Morningstar leaves a trail of evidence like a mile wide each time ANYWAYS!

    But noooo, apparently once you become an adult MURDER is the only solution.

    I might not be in any position to stop you, Mitch, but PLEASE, just think about this. At very least avoid getting the guy with acid blood on your trail!

    But if it comes to it, I WILL stop you, Spencer. There won't be any more blood shed than there has to be.

  4. He's not a man anymore. He's a dog with rabies. Put him down like one.

  5. HO HO HO~ that's a shame. I like the fellow, or LIKED the fellow. Eheheh!!!

  6. Revenge always seems like a really good idea. To make them suffer, to stop them from hurting others. So many ways to do it. So many reasons to. It doesn't even seem like there's an option, does there? This burning hole in your soul, all that pain, all that anger. You now have who left it there.

    I want to stop you, Mitch. I like you very much. I don't want you to regret like I have. I don't want you to take another step towards a darker nature you're always going to deal with. And I really don't want you to go through the pain revenge gives you.

    If I hadn't looked for revenge, many people would be alive and well. If Minori hadn't looked for revenge, she would still be here.

    At the same time, I know why you have to do this. I know why you WANT to do this. And most likely you won't take my advice and stop right now.

    So I'm letting you know that I'll be here afterwards, when everything is done. I'll understand anything you will be feeling.

    I'm willing to listen.

  7. If someone is forced into a life they don't want to live and then finally realize they can choose for themselves how to live their said life, then they should not be put down. Past mistakes while under the influence and not their own choice is definitely not a warrant for murder.

    Mitch, look back at the start of this blog and look at the progress of what it has become, what you have become. Roles have been reversed, are you even aware of that? If you can't see that then listen to everyone telling you this isn't a choice you want to make. Why? Because you're biased in your own choosing.

    You're willing to listen for a reason, a fraction doesn't want this result. Or perhaps that's shit, though, eh? Maybe you just want people to beg to you. But that just brings us back around to the fact the roles are reversed and what you were against you have now become. Revenge seems lovely, you might think that burning in your heart is good. It's not, though. It's just another thing that will keep you up at night and make you hate yourself a little more.

    You're not an idiot, Mitch. You know how the stories go, fictional or not. You've heard and are aware of what happens when revenge comes to pass. Truth is, those you're avenging will only suffer more if you give into revenge, that's because their loved one (you) is suffering afterwards.

    Elaine may be my friend but I'm not doing this for her. I'm doing it for you, you need to consider every angle before you take someone's life. You need to think about what parts of you are being thrown away.

    I'm sorry, Mitch, but your revenge should be directed at the puppeteer and not the puppet. I've always been following your words here, still will. If you need something just drop a line. Best wishes to whatever path you choose.

    Stay safe,

  8. Don't know you. Only here because Elaine linked it.

    Morningstar is a criminal and a danger to everyone. World would be better without him.

    But I'm with Konaa on this. Murder is wrong, no matter who you kill. Don't care if that sounds naive.

  9. Huh. yet more "wow" How am i missing all this stuff?

    I suppose if I were in your position, I'd kill him. Justice is justice, after all, and there's no way he'd get off at any sort of court (i've taken some law classes, so I know what I'm talking about), but the others are right when they say that you'd be committing a crime too.

    Never the less, I won't think any less of you whatever you choose.

  10. Not that there's much to think less of; she's already a murderer.

    Not that the bastard doesn't deserve to die or anything, but seriously Mitch, have you THOUGHT about this? What would you do with the body?

  11. Kill him. Simple as that.

    Think about it this way: I'm Ferus. I regularly dismember and kill people over a period of several days. Really, pretty much everyone thinks I deserve to die. Ta-dah!

    Morningstar, on the other hand, is a person who has been killing ALL HIS LIFE. No, not after he was indoctrinated by everyone's best friend the Slender Man, but since he was a child. Now, however, he's shown signs of wanting to stop killing.


    Because as you've seen, killing is in his blood. At his most basic level, he's a homicidal maniac. So the real question is: whether or not he CAN stop killing, does this mean you should let him live?

    Or to put it in perspective, if I dismembered your family, your friends and their pets, then brushed it off the next day by saying I'd retired, would I still deserve to live?

    Think about it, Mitch. Killing him (and, arguably, me) would make the whole world a lot better.

    Excuse me while I kill this Belgian.

  12. Ferus is lying. He hadn't been killing that long. Before he joined slendy, he had exactly three kills. I know that for a fact. He was scared and uncertain after that and just looking for somewhere to go.

    Then Tensor found him.

    You've all built him up to be some sort of monster, but really he's a scared kid who's been mind controlled for a long time. That's it.

  13. He's a scared kid who can't stand on his own two feet and grew completely dependent on the puppet strings of a monster. This is what he's like when his strings are cut. I'm not /quite/ on Mitch's side, Elaine, but don't try to put Morningstar/Hesperus on a pedestal either. Even at his sanest, the kid was still a homicidal maniac.



    don't hurt him please don't hurt Morningstar-sama please please please ;______;

  15. "Before he joined slendy, he had exactly three kills." Murder is still murder, the fact he killed before contact makes his danger increase.

    However, I agree with other statements...Killing him will only further the cycle and make things worse. With your friend Valerie in a bad state, is now really the time to focus on this vendetta?

    Yes, that faceless abomination is beyond the laws capability. A human mind broken down into this state and now separated is well within their capability though.

  16. When you consider that those three kills were the family that had horrifically abused him his entire life, it makes a difference. Less murderous insanity, more self defense.

  17. @Elaine: I am many things. A liar is not one of them. Morningstar is a murderer, joined His army for the opportunity to kill more people, explicitly stated that he enjoys killing, and the list goes on and on.

    Quite frankly, Elaine, I think you're deluding yourself.

  18. I don't think the guy who believes he has any chance in hell of killing anyone of his list is in ANY position to be talking about delusion.

  19. I won't say it's the right thing to do. But I won't say it's the wrong thing either.

    That's all, folks.

  20. ...Nick is Porky Pig.

    dear god cannot unsee.