Thursday, March 8, 2012

I saw it.


That goddamn "shadow" that's been following me all around hell's half acre and BACK again for MONTHS on end. Today. I saw it. Or should I say I saw HIM?

You goddamn asshole. You. Fucking. ASSHOLE. I have to admire your PATIENCE if nothing else. I knew that laugh was familiar. I FUCKING KNEW IT. But I didn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. It wasn't POSSIBLE. But then I guess I shouldn't have doubted a guy as creative as you, eh?

I watched you FALL.

I saw you BURN.

But you looked just FINE when I saw you.

All this time I thought I was hallucinating. All this time I thought it was just my mind playing tricks. I thought I was just being paranoid. But it was you all along, wasn't it? I'm not hallucinating it. You're alive. You're still. Fucking. ALIVE.

Valerie can confirm that. She didn't see you as clear as I did, but you were already walking away at that point. Doing your little vanishing act. She's been trying to get me to calm down all damn evening. Trying to suggest that it could have been someone else. That it might not be you at all.

But I know who I saw. Even if you had a goddamn TWIN, he wouldn't be able to copy that grin. That same fucking grin. Same fucking EVERYTHING. You haven't changed a bit, have you? You fucking goddamn...

How did you escape? HOW? Can you AT LEAST tell me that? Did Valtiel step in? Hm?

What I don't get though... is why wait this damn long? Why stay THIS long under the fucking radar? WHY? Is the mutt not allowed a blog anymore since you got part of your own team killed?


Why couldn't you just stay dead, you son of a bitch?

That's why Father hasn't let up, isn't it?

The Game isn't Complete between Us yet.


More than fine.

This time. I really will watch the light go out, Twinkle.

So whatever the fuck you have planned... LET'S GET IT OVER WITH.


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  2. Well, this is a distraction you really needed right now.

    I was going to come up with some spill about being careful with this because you might still not be dealing with what you think you are... given surviving falling off a building + hellfire inferno (even WITH the Construct's help) would be quite the impressive feat... and that it's just using his image to fuck with you but... *looks above his comment* ...yeah, Nevermind. -.-;

    Still be careful though, I doubt this situation is as clear cut as it appears...

  3. I think I found something of yours, Mitchy.

    Here's your hint: