Saturday, March 26, 2011

Always the Fucking Same.

30/08/11 - This... is a rant/rage I was thrown into when I found out that a close friend of mine (Tanya) was getting dragged through the dirt by a once-friend of us both (Justin). I needed somewhere to blow steam so I wouldn't say something stupid to Tanya during the entire conflict. I had to watch Tanya cry. I wanted to kill Justin. I really did. I don't care what the fuck any of you say. I needed this rant. And I still stand by it.


Genetically closest to pigs. Physically closest to monkeys. Mentally closest to sheep. Behaviorally closest to fucking viruses.

Try to deny it.

I fucking DARE you.

The Matrix may have been a shitty series (okay, the first one was decent enough), but they did get that one concept dead-on. We're an invasive species on this planet. I swear, we fucking have to be. The only other things that devastate as efficiently as we do are viruses and other invasive species in other ecosystems. Like the bullfrogs in Australia, for one example out of the literal THOUSANDS out there that are only considered "invasive" now because we - us 'Wise Man' - fucking BROUGHT them there! I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you take a foreign body and place it somewhere that it has never had ground in before that it is going to fuck. With. The. System.


Oh, but don't be fooled, my dear friends, for our ignorance and arrogance does not stop there! Oh, no, for what fun would it be to exclude our own race from this shitfest~? No fun at all~ Like rabid dogs, we wag our tail at a fellow pack-mate one second, then sink our own teeth into their throats the very next - ripping out as much life and spirit as we possibly can like our own lives depended on the bloodlust. Even when our once-friends cower in defeat, it is never enough. Chew off a leg. Bite off their ears. Claw at their flesh. TEAR THEM APART. It's not enough to betray! Not nearly enough! We have to make them hate themselves - for surely it was their fault that such a wonderful friend such as you would turn against them! Yes, That's what you want, isn't it?! To make them feel like a piece of garbage! To deceive and lie and then plunge the dagger straight through the very spine of your chosen fool... does the blood gurgling in their throat get you off, I wonder? Do you like watching the soul of someone who actually did care for you shrivel and die?

I swear. Some of you are fucking LUCKY that I made a promise. Because otherwise I'd be STRINGING THE LOT OF YOU UP BY YOUR OWN FUCKING INTESTINES!!!

See... I happen to agree with the good doctor, Hannibal the Cannibal Lector: One should dine on the rude~

Good people, after all, are an endangered species in these times. It's not respectable to pick off their numbers when they are so few and far between to begin with.

Besides... using the sadistic and crushing nature of the common man against them... 'tis a beautiful thing~ People don't seem to like the game so much when they find themselves on the losing end. Not that I can do as much as I'd like to them. No, I have to keep focus... but, oh my sweet oblivion, what wonderful visions invade my mind of what I would do to all of you. It makes me smile to think of it~

Bodies - thousands of them - hanging from makeshift gallows all across towns and cities with their buildings and trees all put to equal use~ These ones... these fools that I actually bothered to hang now swing subtly in the calm breeze - skin paled to a bluish white and lips stark blue. Rigor mortis is already a faded memory for most - their limbs free to shift with the faintest movement of nature as their clothing ruffles softly in a manner that reminds me of a gentle wave on the beach. Flowing. Peaceful. Quiet. A stark contrast to the bloodbath below their feet. The streets would be coated in a sweet crimson bath provided by the corpses of humans that the world is better off without. My knives would feel like just extensions of my arms as I continue to hunt every last one of you sons of bitches.

What sweeter vision do I have in my head... than a man collapsing to his knees as he desperately tries to stop his organs from spilling out of his gashed-open abdomen~? He now lay crumpled up into a ball amongst all the others - still holding himself as he most likely prayed for his precious God to save him or smite me or both. What a pity, really~ Spending your last moments with a figment of man's overactive imagination - a figure created for that sad, sad lonely man all those years ago who screamed to the heavens, "What meaning is there to my life? Why am I here? What can I do?" Justin was also highly religious. One of her blades against us was how we were both going to Hell, and she to Heaven for she BELIEVED. Yes, I'm aware I took it too far. I will not apologize.

Why, serve the church, my son, and pave your path to paradise and the great Father!

...Or, at least, a cardboard cutout of what you want Him to look like. Ignore all similarities to Greek Gods, that's entire your imagination and don't forget that individual thought is BLASPHEMY~ Collection plate, yes~? Pay your dues or God will plague your family and make your horse eat your cow~ Okay? Okay.

Religions... feh. Butcher houses of the mind~

After all, religion has fueled so much hatred, has it not~? "Join us or you're going to burn in Hell!" Huh, oh really? And your nutcase leader who convinces his own people to blow themselves up will be spared? The Priest who gets a little too jolly with the alter boy will be delivered? The seventh-day activist who escapes into the bottle and beats their kids is good-to-go?

Hehe~ Ah, and you were getting so steamed because you thought I was focusing on the church alone, didn't you~? Well, sorry to burst your bubble - but all of you stand in the same river of blood and bone. Can you smell it? Taste it on your tongue~? Feel it cling to you, pull at you, claw at you? Those are the ones slain by the organizations you all bend your knee to. Of course, it is human nature, yet again. We fear the unknown, and what is more unknown than what happens after death? I suppose it is not the fault of the sheep that they follow the shepherd's lead. They figure he knows where the green grass is, hm? How to seek shelter against weather and those oh-so-savage wolves? The original ideas, I'm sure, were pure ones. One really can't be surprised that it broke so badly. It's a captive audience, after all. Such practically breeds corruption~

It all comes down to the same thing. Always. One person believing that - for whatever reason - they deserve everything and that person or thing over there deserves pain, suffering, death, or worse. No one sees equal ground. No matter what part of history you dissect, it's always the same damn thing repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and no, this isn't 'copy, paste', I'm actually typing this over and over and over and over and over and over and over andoverandoverandoverandoverandoverANDOVERANDOVERANDOVER...

It's always the same.

Can you tell... I've had one Hell of a fucking day?


  1. I... christ...

    Okay, all that aside... Michelle, what the hell are you doing on my blog? I don't want you reading that. I really, really don't.

  2. I found your username...?

    I... didn't realize I had restrictions. Can I ask why? It really is a kickass story, hun. I'm sorry if I messed anything up but... *shrug*

    If it makes you feel any better, you weren't supposed to see... THIS either... thought I was 'anonymous' to be honest...

  3. You can set your profile to not show your blog information, which I, uh, suggest you do. But seriously, just... don't get into it. It's got all this mysticism shit; you wouldn't be interested.

  4. Hun, are you alright? You seem really off.

    And since when haven't I been interesting in something to do with stretching human limits? Seriously. What the hell. This actually sounds good and you KNOW my last obsession has been running dry. I'm sorry I posted "OOC" or whatever on your blog. I should have gone on FB or something...

  5. Yeah, kind of an off day. Can you just come on MSN for a sec? Like, NOW?