Monday, March 7, 2011

My Tank is a DJ.

29/08/11 - Typical random blog post. Nothing of real interest.

Do you like my new banner~?

I like my new banner~ It makes me sick now.

Holy SHIT... did I ever wake up in a BAD fucking mood this morning! I was on the war path like a seasoned veteran. Don't know what got into me, honestly, because yesterday I was actually feeling rather upbeat. The weather here is beyond shit, but that's nothing new so that can't have anything to do with it. I don't know. Either which way: there was Hell to pay this morning...

Then... my car decided to become a DJ.

...No, I'm actually serious. And not even in the "I'm going to break down now" kind of way. I mean the bloody windshield whippers started setting down the base from "We Will Rock You" by Queen. Ch Ch Tek. Ch Ch Tek. WE--EE WILL, WE-EE WILL ROCK YOU! Ch Ch Tek. Ch Ch Tek. WE--EE WILL, WE--EE WILL ROCK YOU! Yeah, you have the mental image now, I'd imagine? Me (with a voice that could probably be used to torture POWs) belting out Queen, going down the road in the middle of a snow storm with one hand on the steering wheel and my other one slapping my knee while my windshield whippers kept the pace for me. I felt AMAZING. Failed to mention, of course, that I nearly went into a snowbank shortly after this. Heh. Even on here, gotta keep an image, hm? Though the windshield whipper thing did actually happen. Three cheers for truth. 

Don't believe me?

You're just jealous because your car doesn't give a shit if you're in a pissy mood~

It's a black, 2000 Chevy Cavalier. My own little tank that has taken me through all kinds of weather and done battle against some of the worse drivers out there. She's only been in one accident and that was a spin-out on black ice. I slammed backwards into a stone wall just this winter. She now has a battle wound on her bumper, the passenger mirror is held on with electrical tape, and you have to really SLAM the trunk shut to get it to lock... but she's alright! No, she doesn't have a name. I either call her "my tank" or "THE Cavalier". Not 'a' - 'THE'. Respect her or I kill you, okay~? Okay.

Quite obviously... she's become as much of a music-addict as I am. Queen was an odd choice for her though. Next time maybe she'll play me some Nickelback, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, or Metallica~

So, what song do I normally blast when I'm pissed? There are a number of them... but today - once my car had opted out of being DJ - I cranked this up on my ipod jack:

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