Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's been nine days now since Valerie has slept at all.

I've been watching her. Talking to her all the time and asking begging her to sleep. Nothing works. Nothing ever... goddamn works. I've... tried to get her to take pharmacy shit to help her sleep. She refused to take it at first... but then I actually did get some into her. I was relieved. I thought she'd sleep finally, but... it didn't work. She didn't sleep. She just looked more tired...  like, even less responsive than usual, but she still won't goddamn SLEEP, not really.

And then this happens.

We were on the road again cause... well, I felt the need to move. I was talking to her. Basically making chit-chat with absolutely nothing cause otherwise I'd lose my mind... and then, out of the blue, she starts singing. SINGING for the love of shit... she... hasn't said anything for... what? Over a month? She cringes and winces at even little fucking jingles on TV... and now she's... singing?

I just... I pulled over the car and grabbed Doubletake's camcorder from the trunk. And I watch her, and my hands are shaking because what the hell. What the fucking hell?

Does anyone have any idea what this is? At all? I'm running on empty here, guys. I can't... think anymore.

I can't lose her. I can't. If... if I could trade places with her, I would. In a heartbeat. If it would help her, I'd goddamn do it. So please. Tell me one of you guys has an idea, any idea. Tell me you noticed something I missed. Somebody tell me they speak whatever fucking gibberish Val spewed on that fucking video! Anything!



  1. Ah... a song from the soul of the broken... I think I'll download this for my collection. Thank you, Mitchy. You're quite useful when you want to be.

  2. I'd offer my help, but these latin-based languages always confused me.........

  3. Aaaaand The Amadaun is apparently a moron.

    But "kinderline" or however you spell it means something like "children" doesn't it? Maybe she's talking about the preschool kids? Be fitting with the tune she apparently decided to use anyway.

  4. The words didn't make any sense to me, but I swear I've heard the tune before. It resonated with something, but I can't place it. Fuck. Maybe she was singing a familiar song in another language? If you ignore the words and just follow the tones, does it sound like anything you'd know?

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  6. I'm going to agree with Alana.
    This is clearly German but I'm sort of at a lost. It sounds like she is saying "kinder-line" but the closest translation to that is "kindergarten". She could also be saying kinderreime which (roughly) translates to nursery rhyme.
    Liebe Engeline- "Love, Engeline"(this appears to be a name), "Dear Engeline", "Engeline, Love", or in one very odd translation, "dear narrow line"
    I wish I was more versed in German to help.

  7. UPDATE: She hasn't said a word since. We're settled for the night, but she's not even sitting down unless I force her to. And the second I let go she gets up again. Other than that... no change.

    @Nightprick: Go. The Fuck. AWAY.

    @The Amadaun: Right... we're going with German here, buddy.

    @Alana: Maybe... I thought it sounded kinda like a lullaby or something? That would sort of fit.

    @The Gargoyle: Ah, no not really. But I'll keep that in mind. If anything comes to you, PLEASE let me know...

    @Raggedyman: Any help I can get I will take. Thank you. So much.

  8. It sounded like German.

    I'm a bit stuck in something. Nothing I can do for you here. Please protect her as best you can. How's your arm?

  9. I'm trying, Sage. I really am. She's... at least stable now. New post has details on that...

    Arm is as fine as it can be. No real change. Not really worried about that right now, to be honest.

    You doing okay?