Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They're called "Quebec Stops"

I'm really not that bad of a driver. Really. Valerie is a horrible passenger though. Holy CRAP, she's bad... and now she's telling me I better not be muttering about her backseat/passenger-seat bickering/monitoring. And now I'm grinning. So she knows I am. And... there's the pillow. 'Cause that's real mature.

Seriously, who'd you rather behind the wheel? Someone with a few loose screws or someone who looks like the walking dead? And yes, hun, you are that bad. Statistics show, you might as well be drunk or stoned~

Yeah, I just got the other pillow to the head. You're so ABUSIVE, Hakurei Ryuu...


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the ways I can get a sulking Sage to smile. Heh. Small victories are good victories~ It is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore my mockery. It's one of the many things that make me a pain in the ass. Even got a laugh out of her when I started "panicking" about the earthquake earlier today. In all seriousness, I found it... fascinating. Apparently, it originated in Virginia as a 5.9. Lasted for ten seconds where we were. We never got many earthquakes back home. Sometimes the cabinets would rattle during one, but this I actually felt through the ground. It was... strangely reassuring actually. A reminder that, despite everything, this is still Nature's world. Not His. He's just a part of HER system. Maybe as a original piece. Maybe as a corrupted one. But He is still a part, not a whole. It's nice to remember that nature is, in the end, the be all and end all. Not Him.

Or maybe I'm just being weird again. I do that too, apparently. Could be it's just the farmer coming out, eh?

Now... we're set in a hotel along the border, waiting for a decent hour to roll around in which it is actually realistic to knock on someone's door. This "someone" we're going to refer to as Corey. Why? Cause we are going to attempt to not get him killed.

Stick to the basics, neh?

When Valerie went to help Kay, I spent the majority of my time doing research. One of things I did research on was tracing a name fourteen years buried. Steven's best friend. The same guy who was in the canoe with him in the picture Redlight had. I had little hope at first that he was still alive, but... sometimes we have to get lucky. It took digging, but I found him. He had stayed in Canada a few more years after the death/murder of my brother, then he moved Southernly into New York.

I want need to find out what really happened to my brother. I... I need to find out how he got involved with the Black King. Corey may be my best shot.


The... majority of you know what happened back at the farm. The thought of... pulling at loose strings makes my stomach churn. I almost don't want to know what he went through, now that I know he was Haunted, but... he's my brother. I need to know the truth. He deserves that much. He deserves someone to know the truth. To believe. To care. Even if it's just me. Even if that truth just dies when I do... maybe I can give him a bit of immortality by putting it on this damn blog. Maybe...

I'm glad to have Valerie here with me to go through with this. I feel... bad for dragging her in, but... we have each others' backs. We always have. I know she's worried about Kay and Sage, but there's nothing we can do for either of them right now. If something comes up, make no mistake: I'll throw the car in reverse and we'll head back.

The present, after all, always outweighs the past.

Wish us luck.

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