Monday, August 15, 2011

Alone Time.

Valerie's gone to Kay's place with Sage. I opted out of the entire affair in favor of guarding the home fortress, so to speak. I trust Sage to protect Valerie should shit hit the fan, yada, yada, yada, so that's no problem there. Plus, not only did I rather not care enough to partake in the emotional drama, but I'm sure my presence would only start an argument of some sort even IF I kept my trap shut. So... in other words... me staying back = Win : Win.

It was just before noon when Sage showed up. As per the norm back when we HAD a norm, Valerie wasn't exactly ready at that point so... I met Sage. I had been planning to be scarce when he showed up, to be honest, but after letting him in he really didn't give me a chance to slink away. He asked me questions. Standard things. Nothing too specific. Then... he asked how I worked myself out of insanity. How I got my grip again. That sort of... stumped me for a while. I'd never really questioned how I did it. So I said the only thing that came to mind: I believed in the ground. The advice I got back when things started getting bad. His advice. I thanked him for it. Said it helped.

He goddamn hugged me.

I completely froze. I don't think I even blinked. I'm not GOOD with close things and I honestly thought that he would plow me one across the jaw if we ever met and...


What is it with the Sages and hugging people? Honestly? And, of course, that's exactly when Valerie decided to make her entrance. Sage stepped back, told me to keep my head up, and asked Val if she was ready to go.

...I still think it's easier to believe he punched me in the face. But whatever.

So, for the first time in weeks... I'm alone. Between Valerie following me like a hawk when I first showed up and then me following her after Redlight's visit... yes. Alone time is good. Very good. Much needed and much deserved. Only accountable for myself and the walls of a silent building that's as much of a stranger to me as I am to it.

And the Tree.

No offence, hun, cause I know you'll eventually read this... eventually... but what the hell kind of family doesn't own an axe? I always considered that a sort of basic thing. Like a hammer. Or a toothbrush. But to each their own, I suppose.

I am, however, pleased to report we own one now. Or, at least, I do. Nice addition to my pathetic little arsenal of "pointy/sharp things", I think. Bulky, of course, so sadly I can't exactly travel with it when The Time comes... but, hey, small details. I must say, I'm feeling good. I have my axe that I've sharpened to a divine edge that cuts my thumb just at a touch... and now I'm going outside to take care of the headache that's been driving both myself and Val nuts over the past week. Seriously. The woman gets more tics than I do. I always considered myself a bit of a music addict, but when she wants to drown something out....

I mean, sure, I hate the thing out there. Hate it. It's invaded my sleep which is... interesting. Combined with the Black King it gets very... nevermind. I'll explain that nightmare one day. Might as well, but not now. It bothers Valerie a lot more though. She's constantly plugged into her ipod. And the odd time she isn't, she's humming to herself. Constant noise. Constant distractions. Not that I blame her. I completely understand.

Which is why... I've decided cremation is in order for the remaining essence of Redlight's old meat-suit. I'm not going to sit back and watch my best friend get driven up the wall because of some demonic weed. No, I don't think I'm going to be allowing that. Especially since it's One on One at the present time. Had to wait for it to get dark though since I wasn't sure how the neighbours would react to me hacking at Nothing with an axe. The expressions may have been something worth seeing though... heh, I suppose I could have always told them I was practising to be a mime.

Heh. When the Sage is away, the Others shall play~

This should prove amusing.


Oh, yes, I should apologize for not updating, hm? Sorry about that. Still getting the hang of turning to this instead of my sketchpad (need to get a new one. Maybe they make them with waterproof covers?). I am doing much better though. Good mood, good food, horrible sleep but... can't have it all, hn? Must say, a little worried as I haven't seen the Black King since I got into New Jersey but... again, can't complain. Not complaining. Not complaining at all. As for the pictures, I've come to a decision regarding Steven and He That Is. More on that later. For now... time to take advantage of the bonfire pit around back.


  1. If you want my opinion, people hug not only to make one another feel better, but because there is healing in touch. I imagine sages would be doubly good at hug therapy, reaffirming the boundaries of your aura, wiping it clean of Slenderman's grimy prints.

  2. Hacking at an invisible tree...Well. I hope you chop that miserable thing down and incinerate it.
    Sounds like it's been causing more than its fair share of trouble.
    Good luck..

  3. @Mystery: ...I don't think I like the idea of anything or anyone messing with my aura/personal bubble. I don't LIKE being touched. At all. So... yeah. Disturbing mental images ahoy. Good to hear from you though. Been a while.

    @Black Hawk: Trust me. It is not the weirdest thing someone has caught me doing.